Search Engine Optimisation is the art/science of making a website rank highly on a search engine for a given word or phrase that is referred to as a “keyword”. Many companies have a website built and then wonder why they are getting no traffic to their website six months later. Often this is because the website was not built with search engines in mind. Michael Walmsley can provide your website with a tailored search engine optimisation package at a very competitive rate.

The first thing that a business needs to do is to decide which keywords you want to rank highly for. Michael Walmsley can help you to find the keywords that will have the best return on investment for you. Often site owners think that most users will search for a particular term on Google when in reality your users are searching for a related but different term. By identifying quality keywords you will have a better chance of success.

Search engines rank websites based on a variety of factors. Your website will send signals to Google and other search engines that allow this ranking process to take place. Some simple changes to your text can produce an increase in rankings. Your site needs to be well coded. Many web designers focus too much on the visual elements of a site and ignore non visual elements that users do not see but that search engines do. These non-visual elements of a webpage can provide valuable signals to search engines such as Bing that can help them to improve where your website is positioned within their rankings.

Websites that rely almost entirely on visual elements to convey their message generally rank poorly. Search engines like Google need text to be able to gain an understanding of what your webpage is about. Text is a signal to search engines. Your text must contain your keywords but if you think that by repeating the same words and phrases over and over again will improve your rankings then you will be very disappointed. This technique is called keyword stuffing and will lead to your website being moved down the rankings rather than up them.

The reality is that your website needs to provide quality content for both your users and for search engines. A well optimised site does not use gimmicks it provides real value to its users while at the same time providing valuable signals to search engines.

Activity within a website that helps your website to gain improved search engine rankings is called on-page optimisation. This is one part of the search engine optimisation process. The other is off-page optimisation. This is also referred to as link building. At the time of writing the most significant signal that Google uses to determine the ranking of a website is the number of inbound links that the website has. Google views a link from another website to yours as a vote of confidence that your site is providing quality content. The more inbound link that your website can garner the higher it is likely to rank.

Michael Walmsley can help your website to rank more highly on search engines. Michael will first compile a Search Engine Optimisation Report on your website that will provide you with a set of recommended changes that will help the findability of your website by search engines. He will also commence a link building program that will increase the number of other websites that link to your website.

All techniques used are ethical. Over the last couple of years Google have run a couple of updates known as Panda and Penguin that have been designed to decrease the rankings of sites that use non ethical techniques such as buying links or that provide low quality content for their users. During this time none of the websites that Michael carries out search engine optimisation for has seen a decrease in their rankings as a result of these updates.

Michael Walmsley on SEO:

“To get to the top of Google you need to think like Google. Google has built a multi-billion pound business based on selling small adverts on their site. They have been able to do this because most people use Google to search the web. The reason most people use Google is because the user knows that if they search for a particular keyword they will find the most relevant websites on the first page of Google’s results. So it is important that Google gives people the right results or their entire business model will collapse. Once you understand this then you can start to produce a website that will rank well on search engines.”

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